Fire Hazard Assessments

In 2004 and 2005, 250 Nevada communities located in the wildland-urban interface were assessed in terms of their wildfire risk and hazard. The results of this analysis were presented on a by-county basis in report form. Specifically, the reports:

  • Showed the assessed wildfire hazards present in each community.
  • Identified firefighting resource needs (equipment and infrastructure).
  • Presented fuel hazard mapping for high and extreme fuel hazard communities.
  • Described proposed risk and hazard mitigation projects in enough detail to aid communities in applying for future implementation funds.

As an outcome of this project, each assessed community was rated extreme, high, moderate or low in terms of its fire hazard. To view the results for a particular community, click on the appropriate county report link provided below, and then click on a community name on the map. Note that Carson City and Washoe County have recently provided updated fire hazard information, which can be found by clicking the additional link provided.

In 2008, the Nevada Fire Board with funding from the Bureau of Land Management administered a Landscape-Scale Wildland Fire Risk/Hazard/Value Assessment project for all wildlands within Nevada’s counties. The resulting reports are intended to be a companion to the original community reports, and can be used as a source of information and an aid in setting priorities, completing plans, and implementing effective fuels reduction projects. To view results for a particular area, click on the appropriate county link below.

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