The Network Logo.smallThe Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities (The Network) brings communities together with the resources they need to work toward becoming fire adapted to reduce their wildfire threat. The Network will provide community chapters with education, communication and advice; facilitate collaboration between communities and stakeholders; promote CWPPs and assist in their development; help communities locate grants and complete applications and track community accomplishments.

Originally managed by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Living With Fire Program, The Network is now a program of the Nevada Division of Forestry.  For more information about The Network, please contact Michael Beaudoin at 775-684-2519 or [email protected]



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The Network

About The Network

The Network is a program within the Nevada Division of Forestry that seeks to put Nevadans living in high fire-hazard communities in touch with the resources they need to work toward becoming fire adapted. In response to the growing wildfire threat, with over 8 million acres burned in a single year, in the last decade within the contiguous United States, The Network seeks to unite like-minded individuals who want to prepare their homes and communities before a wildfire occurs. Residents of community chapters can join with neighbors through collaborative efforts, learn of funding possibilities and of fuels management opportunities through local, state and federal agencies, offer fire services a safer and better chance of defending their homes and take comfort in work done to give their communities a greater chance of surviving a wildfire.

Annual Conference

On March 12, 2018 The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities (i.e., The Network) held its fourth annual conference in Reno, with 106 participants. The Network was created in 2014 to assist members of Nevada communities as they work towards the goal of becoming fire adapted. It was created as part of the Living With Fire Program and was managed by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. During the conference, The Network transitioned to the Nevada Division of Forestry, under the direction of Michael Beaudoin, Network Coordinator.

Funding for this event was provided by a Community Fire Assistance Agreement from the Bureau of Land Management – Nevada State Office and a State Fire Assistance Grant from the Nevada Division of Forestry and U.S. Forest Service. Funding for continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided by a Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant from State Farm Insurance.

Below is a list of presentations given during the conference.  If you would like a copy of any of these presentations, contact Sonya Sistare at [email protected]

  • Lessons Learned from California’s 2017 Fire Season – Kim Zagaris
  • Creating Fire Adapted Communities…How Far Have We Come? – Bob Roper
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans – Forest Schafer
  • Using the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Template – Ed Smith
  • Engaging Your Local Fire Service and Community – Mike Brown
  • Obtaining Assistance for Your Community – Ryan Shane, Rodd Rummel, Christina Kantrud
  • Operation, Organization, and Transition of the Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities – Michael Beaudoin

Fire Adapted Communities – Know Your Role!

Many people have a role in working toward becoming a Fire Adapted Community. Do you know yours? See how a community works together to create a Fire Adapted Community with this Know Your Role Interactive Program.

How To Join The Network

If you would like to become a member of the Network, please contact Michael Beaudoin, Network Coordinator, at 775-684-2519 or [email protected]

Newsletter – The Network Pulse

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March 2018 Issue:

  • Transition and Recent Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Success Stories
  • Running to Benefit Local Fallen Firefighters
  • Wet and Dry Seasons Make Wildfires in Nevada

February 2018 Issue:

  • Smith to Retire from Cooperative Extension
  • Register Now for the Multi-Hour Run
  • Funding Opportunity

January 2018 Issue:

  • The Network Welcomes New Coordinator
  • Call for Nominations
  • The Network 4th Annual Conference Helps Communities to
    Prepare and Update a Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  • Funding Opportunity